Emma Stone Lawrence Blackwell and George W. Blackwell Family

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George Washington Blackwell (1832-1912) was the youngest of the nine children of Samuel and Hannah Blackwell. He was a businessman and real estate investor in New Jersey. Emma Stone Lawrence Blackwell (1851-1920), the niece of Lucy Stone, married George Washington Blackwell in 1875. They had two children, Howard Lane Blackwell and Anna Blackwell Beldon. Emma was active in reform movements, including women’s suffrage. Their son, Howard Lane Blackwell (1877-1972), earned three degrees from Harvard University, including a Ph.D. in physics. He married Helen Electa Thomas (1880-1972) in 1907 and they lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with their three sons. Transcribe these documents to learn more about the intimate details of these Blackwell family members’ lives.

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