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“Miscellaneous” is one of the six original categories of the Spanish Legal documents collection. This category was used to group a variety of subjects, which include items such as statements issued by members of the Spanish armed forces; agreements between kingdoms of Spain; records on controversies on religious ceremonial rites; statements submitted to the kings of Spain; appointments, petitions to the king; records of the inquiries, oaths of allegiance to the kings of Spain by the ambassadors of the crown, royal answers to petitions by the Catholic church; academic speeches; and letters by pretenders to the throne of Spain.


“Miscelánea” es una de las seis categorías que forman parte de la colección Herencia: Spanish Legal Documents. Ésta agrupa una gran variedad de temas, entre ellos: declaraciones del ejército español; acuerdos entre los reinos españoles; registros sobre controversias ceremoniales y religiosas; declaraciones dirigidas a los Reyes; citas, peticiones; registros de consultas; juramentos de lealtad a los Reyes y a los embajadores de la corona; respuestas de los Reyes a peticiones de la Iglesia; discursos académicos; y cartas de pretendientes al trono español.

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