The crystal: a record of visions and conferences with the spirit world

These 11 notebooks are volumes 4-5 and 7-15 of Hockley's manuscript records of his crystal and mirror-gazing experiments. Unable to see anything in the crystal himself, Hockley relied upon the skills of a medium, usually a young woman he referred to as the "Crowned Angel.” Beginning in about 1851, Hockley worked with Emma Louisa Leigh, his landlord’s 13 year-old daughter, until her death 7 years later. Ms. Leigh is likely the medium through which Hockley received information for the first several volumes presented here. Volume 5 has spirit writings bound in at the end. Volumes 4, 5, and 7 are indexed by spirit contacts and by subjects. Volume 13 has a few newspaper clippings mounted on the reverse sides of pages 32, 33, 49, and 50.

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