Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe to Henwar Rodakiewicz, 1929-1947

These letters written by O’Keeffe span the full period of her friendship with Rodakiewicz. They begin soon after O’Keeffe began making extended trips to New Mexico and end after Stieglitz’s 1946 death, when she took up permanent residence at Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch, and Rodakiewicz came to New Mexico to film Land of Enchantment. The letters mention Rebecca Strand, Marie Garland, Peggy Bok, Tony and Mabel Dodge Luhan, and many others of O’Keeffe and Rodakiewicz’s mutual circle of friends, as well as time in New York and travel to California, Hawaii, and other locales, and the perceived beauty of O’Keeffe’s surroundings.