Letters of Alfred Stieglitz to Henwar Rodakiewicz, 1933-1942, and Miscellany

Fine-art photographer and modern art promoter Alfred Stieglitz, founder of the Photo-Succession Movement and publisher of Camera Work, managed three Manhattan galleries over his career. These letters were written to Rodakiewicz as Stieglitz ran his last gallery, An American Place, and vacationed at his family compound at Lake George. Stieglitz showed retrospectives and featured a cadre of artists, including O’Keeffe, John Marin, Marsden Hartley, and Arthur Dove. Rodakiewicz, meanwhile, made the critically acclaimed film Redes in Mexico with Paul Strand. Stieglitz writes of his and O’Keeffe’s health, and the Miscellany includes an artist’s statement by O’Keeffe describing her work from Hawaii.