13. June 24-Nov. 17, 1912: “We stand at Armageddon”

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President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) was a prolific writer of books, articles, and especially letters, and received as much mail as he sent. His correspondents ranged from heads of states to average Americans, and covered a wide range of topics. Discover what Roosevelt and his correspondents had to say about the issues of their day.

After T. R. lost the Republican Party’s presidential nomination in June, he and his supporters bolted to form the Progressive Party (better known as the Bull Moose Party), which convened its own convention in August. After exhorting his followers that “We stand at Armageddon, and we battle for the Lord,” the campaign became something of a crusade. It almost gained its own martyr when an assassin shot T. R. in Milwaukee on October 14. T. R. bested the Republican incumbent William H. Taft in the vote count on election day in November, but lost the election to the Democratic candidate, Woodrow Wilson.

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