12. Mar. 15-June 23, 1912: Battle for the Republican Nomination

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President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) was a prolific writer of books, articles, and especially letters, and received as much mail as he sent. His correspondents ranged from heads of states to average Americans, and covered a wide range of topics. Discover what Roosevelt and his correspondents had to say about the issues of their day.

As the state primaries continued, T. R. kept up an ambitious speaking schedule aimed at winning over Republican voters. Even the news that his (and Taft’s) friend and former military aide Archibald Butt had died on the Titanic in April barely made an impact in his campaigning. At the nominating convention in Chicago, which convened on June 18, a decision by the Republican National Committee on seating contested delegates did not go in T. R.’s favor. As a result, President Taft won the party’s nomination on June 22.

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