Women’s Suffrage in Sheet Music

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The sheet music and songsters selected for this transcription project represent a wide variety of suffrage-related music that ranges from suffrage hymns and anthems, to anti-suffrage propaganda, to popular music that either centers of the topic of women’s suffrage or simply references the movement. Together, the collection demonstrates how music can ignite a movement or provide social commentary.

Instructions: The primary goal of transcribing sheet music text is to facilitate page-level discovery of lyrics, subjects, and the creators and publishers of the work through the Library's website. Musical notation, performance instructions, and other markings are currently beyond the scope of this program.

  • Only transcribe descriptive text, including titles, lyrics, publication information, and advertisements.
  • Transcribe text in the order it appears on the page (this may differ from the order in which the piece would be performed). Preserve line breaks. If a word is broken across a line or page, transcribe it intact on the initial line or page where it appears.
  • Do not transcribe any musical notation - this includes time and key signatures, expression notes (moderato, allegro, allegretto, etc.), and dynamic markings.
  • Do not transcribe hyphens (or melisma) within lyrics (even if broken across pages), to enable keyword search.
  • Do transcribe the text of illustrated title pages.
  • Do transcribe handwritten notes and Library of Congress cataloging stamps as marginalia.
  • See our illustrated and downloadable Transcribing Sheet Music PDF for more help and examples.

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