General Correspondence

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Walt Whitman was a consummate letter writer who corresponded with people of all walks of life, from famous literati and social reformers, to working men and soldiers he met in the course of living in New York, Washington, D.C., and Camden, N.J. The general correspondence series of the Charles E. Feinberg Collection of Walt Whitman Papers is arranged alphabetically and includes drafts of letters by Whitman and recipient correspondence from a plethora of Whitman friends, patrons, and admirers as well as fellow writers, critics, and editors, spanning from 1841 to 1892.

Among those represented in the letters are John Burroughs, Charles Eldridge, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Fanny Fern, Anne Gilchrist, Richard Watson Gilder, Robert Ingersoll, William Slone Kennedy, William and Ellen O’Connor, James Redpath, William Michael Rossetti, and Oscar Wilde, future literary executors Richard Maurice Bucke and Thomas Biggs Harned and many others, including Whitman’s significant other, the streetcar and railroad conductor Peter Doyle.

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