Poetry & Prose: Oversize

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Oversize materials from the Poetry and Prose sections of the Literary file of the Feinberg-Whitman Papers in the Manuscript Division are paper-based items that are stored in their physical format unfolded and flattened in large-sized folders rather than in regular-sized archival boxes. The items are listed at the end of the collection finding aid by numbered oversize containers. Oversize materials include a potpourri of types of items, varying from printed newspapers or galley proofs to handwritten drafts.

Oversize prose items in the Feinberg collection provide a sampling of the freelance writing Whitman did for different newspapers and periodicals over his career, including his series “Brooklyniana” for the Brooklyn Standard, Civil War pieces for the New York Times, and critical essays for Century Illustrated, Critic, and the North American Review. Whitman sometimes published poetry in periodicals and later added the poems to Leaves of Grass, often in revised form with new or edited titles. Oversize poetry pieces in the Feinberg collection include early work like “A Word Out of the Sea” and “Proud Music of the Sea-Storm,” and later poems “To A Locomotive in Winter” and “Thought of Columbus.”

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