Transcription: Printed Text & Images

Printed or typed text

Some material in By the People is typed or printed, including letters and memos, newspaper clippings, printed forms, and more. This text still needs to be transcribed as it is not yet machine-readable. "Transcribe with OCR" may be a useful though imperfect starting point.

Catalog and page numbers

Do transcribe page and catalog numbers and letters.


Transcribe letterhead text; it often includes names and addresses researchers may find useful.


Transcribe all newspapers articles, not just those you think relevant. Transcribe columns in the order you would read them. Don't try to preserve layout.

When not to transcribe print

Some mass-produced diaries contain many pages of pre-printed calendars, almanacs, dates, and other text that does not need to be transcribed. This text does not broadly aid discovery and access to historical information. We recommend clicking "Nothing to transcribe" and moving on.


Ignore images. Don't describe or note them in the transcription box. If a page has only images and no text, click "Nothing to transcribe." You can use tags to capture information about images, watermarks, stamps, or any other non-text features.