How to Review

In addition to transcribing, you can review and edit transcriptions created by your fellow volunteers. A reviewer’s task is to read the entire transcription and carefully compare it against the image of the document. If you want to become a reviewer, please register an account.

A good transcription:

When a transcription is accurate and you do not need to make any changes, click the "Approve" button to mark the page as complete. The page will no longer be available for transcription, but you and other volunteers can still read the document and add tags.

A transcription that needs more work:

While reviewing, you can change a transcription to fix errors or add missing material. Remember, do not edit the spelling and grammar of the original document, but do correct any spelling errors or misreadings created by the transcriber. When you’re done, click the "Save" and "Submit" buttons. Another volunteer will then need to review the page. A page is complete when a reviewer clicks "Accept" without making changes.

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