How to Tag

Tagging is an experimental feature. Tags might one day go back into the Library website, but for now they will only be used as a method to explore items within By the People.

You can use tags however you like, as long as you avoid using offensive, degrading or hurtful language. Read the Library’s commenting policy here. Here are some ways you might consider tagging:

  • If you transcribe an important word in a document, such as somebody’s name, and the original author spelled the name incorrectly, you can add a tag to provide the correct name using the “Tag” button.
  • Sometimes writers use nicknames or code words. If you know or can correctly identify the full name or subject using contextual information from the larger document or collection, please tag this information using the “Tag” button.
  • Are you interested in documents mentioning cats? Use the “Tag” button to tag all pages that mention cats. Other examples include “Civil War”, “Cooking”, “Sports”. You can apply whatever tags you like.
  • Keep tags as short as you can and use whole words instead of abbreviations. This will make it easier for other people to understand your tags and to reuse them elsewhere in the collection.